These are the currently available Nikori commands

Something helpful..

If a command isn't working properly, report it using n;report, if you want a command added use n;submission, and if you need help using a command go to the support server in


Update 23 build 1 | Latest Update

Name Description Permissions
about Tells you about the bot.
prefix Sets a new prefix. MANAGE_SERVER
define Searches on Urban Dictionary a definition.
clear Clears an array of messages. MANAGE_MESSAGES
sinfo Gives information about the server.
uinfo Gives information about a user.
say Outputs what you want it to say. MANAGE_MESSAGES
weather Tells you about the weather in any country.
emotes Outputs the emotes of the server.
hey Sets a welcome message for your server. MANAGE_SERVER
bye Sets a leave message for your server. MANAGE_SERVER
spoll Creates a strawpoll for your server.
8ball Gives you an answer for any of your questions.
osu Outputs an osu profile.
hug Hugs an individual in your server.
kiss Kiss that one person you like in your server.
pat Pat that special individual in your server.
rate Give a rating to anyone or anything.
poll Make a normal poll based on yes/no.
slap Slap someone with this command.
ascii Make some cool ascii with this command.
okbuddy | comedycemetery True comedy from r/okbuddy and r/comedycemetery.
anime Search and anime or receive recommendations.
animeme Random anime meme.
ban Ban a member with this command. BAN_MEMBERS
unban Unban them if you've changed your mind. BAN_MEMBERS
eval Execute javascript code. Owner-only
uptime You can find out all specs-wise about the bot here.
report Send a report of a bug you've found, don't abuse this command.
submission Submit your idea to the bot.
ping Bot/API Network stats.
play Listen to songs with this command.
skip Dislike the song? Skip it with this.
stop The current queue is horrible? Skip all of the queued songs now. MANAGE_SERVER
queue Get the current playlist.
pause Need to do something quick, must pause, and resume when I'm back. MANAGE_SERVER
resume I'm back from eating, I can now resume that one song I liked. MANAGE_SERVER
qr Make a cool qr code.
b64en Encode anything into base64.
b64dec Decode base64 encrypted code.
spotify Get a complete status of someone listening to spotify.
hb Put your code into hastebin automatically.
daily Daily Remis are awarded, you can claim them with this.
profile Outputs your current profile.
setbal This command adds/removes balance from anyone. Owner-only
give Give money to anyone.
cf Do a coinflip.
work Work as anything and earn money.
lb Shows the global leaderboard for the currency.
inspire A command to inspire you with your life.
ecchi Erotic animated content for you.
ahegao Send faces of those girls with dirty facial expressions.
yuri Animated lesbians for you.
hgif Sends a hentai gif.
r34 Gives you erotic content from rule34.
e621 Gives you erotic content from e621.
cosplay Gives you an erotic cosplay.
4knsfw Gives you very high quality erotic content.
nsfwgif Sends an erotic gif.
lingerie Gives you lingerie for your dirty mind.
asian Gives you erotic content that has people from asia.
achievement Make a minecraft achievement out of your own words.
ship Ship anything with anything.
wallpaper Get some cool anime wallpapers.
hentai Random hentai picture for you.
feet Erotic pictures of feet for your disgusting needs.
cum A animated erotic pic with cum in it, sounds nice doesn't it.
blowjob Blowjob pics from animated characters.
reddit Search for a specific subreddit.